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Doll - Artifacts

Image Doll
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Issun Hoshi - Little One Inch. Male wooden doll standing in a red bowl. Kokeshi style doll with swivel head. Round head with painted black hair and blue crown. white painted headband, black eyebrows, eyes, nose and red mouth. Groove in top of head. Cylindrical body narrows at bottom. Painted black kimono with blue collar and brown markings. White straps cross at back (cord to keep sleeves away). hakama natural wood color with brown details. Sword appears to stick through left side of body, made of brown wood with gold bsuba. Spear which stands in front is made of brown painted wood with red stripe and silver tip. The figure and spear are glued to the middle of painted wood bowl which is saucer shaped and has a bottom foot. Painted red with gold, kanji written on top and three white flowers.
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