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Wing Luke Museum
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Doll - Artifacts

Nagashi-Hina Clay Floating Dolls Two rows of dolls with red paper bodies and white clay heads held between a long piece of split bamboo. Clay heads are painted white with black hair on back of heads, eyebrows and eyes, and red mouths, upper row consists of ten dolls with gold foil paper hats and bodies made of a rectangular piece of red paper with a white floral dot design, gold foil paper is glued to bottom of red rectangles. Bottom row consists of ten dolls without hats or eyebrows. Their bodies consist of folded rectangles of red paper with white floral dot designs and gold foil strips representing obis. Condition: Fastener has come off of bamboo strip so that seven dolls of the lower row can be pulled off. (B - H). On Girl's Day one set is set upon the god-shelf and the other floated on the river or sea as a prayer to take away evils. This set is from Tottori Prefecture. Associated with purification says note card.
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