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Doll - Artifacts

Image Doll
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Chinese mother and child dolls (tag says it is a Michael Lee character doll made in Hong Kong) Mother doll has head, hands, and feet made of carved wood? coated with clay slip? which is painted and varnished, body is soft (possibly straw). Head has painted black hair with thread braids tied with red thread, painted tan face with painted brown eye brows, slanted brown eyes, red lips, painted tan hands with curved fingers, pink nails, painted tan feet with pink nails; white and blue pin stripe cotton jacket with standing collar, side opening with 4 "frog" closings, shiny black pants with small woven design. Baby has bald head, painted tan face, black painted eyebrows, closed eyes and spot in center of forehead, red mouth, pink cheeks, painted tan arms and bent legs, painted red finger and toe nails, hugging mother's back; wears a pink, white, purple and red figured cotton, royal blue cotton short pants sewn by hand. Held on mother's body by baby carrier: satin square with red middle, black border, embroidered floral design, pink, yellow, blue, white, pink satin stitch, blue and pink embroidered butterfly, 4 Chinese characters embroidered in blue "peaceful entering and exiting" (peaceful birth & death?), green satin ribbon in shape of triangle tab, long pink rayon ribbon ties over mother's shoulders and around waist to tie in front. "Cantonese mother generally likes to carry her young pick-a-back in order that her hands may be free to work. The suspension hand faced with red silk embroidery. The character means "peace and safety" implying that the child may enjoy this blessing. Being carried thus the child feels comfortable for one will often see him slumbering with head tilted back and mother wide open. The mother wears the typical Cantonese pants of black varnished silk. It is cool and ideal summer wear."
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