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Model - Artifacts

Image Model
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Model of village: glass display case containing store models A: Display case has framed glass front door on hinges, gray and purple silk tassel, door frame is brown lacquer, wood bottom and back have silver and beige paper covering, glass sides and top framed with varnished kiri wood, peg stoppers for door. Condition: door glass has two cracks. B: Wood model of pottery shop, black molded paper roof simulating tiles, wood awning extends in front with kanji written in white on the wood "pottery shop", white on lavender paper advertisement panels hang down below awning "pottery made in Kyoto" and small drawing of teapot and bowl, inside open front are two wooden tiers, lower covered with red cotton cloth and displaying a painted clay tea set, two plates, two saki bottles and a cup, next level has a jubako box with lid, painted pine motif on beige background, painted green, dark red, and blue round layered box, painted blue and beige saki bottle, L-shaped shelf displays 2 red/white and blue/white plaid plates, blue and beige saki bottle, blue, yellow, red tea cups, yellow/blue/white saki cup, hanging from ceiling under awning hangs 2 painted clay teapots in off-white and red/yellow stripes; clay brazier with brown tea kettle, on proper left of store is an extended 3 panel fence, painted clay badger figure with a straw hat, carrying a saki jug with Japanese number "8", in front on proper right is an painted brown clay hibachi, behind is a wood divider in front of a tree made of wire and painted green paper, base is covered with black sand paper and sprinkled sand, H: 3.375", W: 5.75", D: 3" C: Wood model noodle shop, black molded paper roof simulating tiles, horizontal ridge pole, side shed roof, 3 level wood awning, front wood gridded screens extends over windows, door opening, brown paper hangs from top of awning simulating noren, white printing "Kisoba", sliced natural wood sign in front of window, green painted characters "Kisoba" with painted red floral design, between is a red paper sign "udon" with a drawing of a bowl, under lowest awning hangs a painted white/black lantern "udon", at store edge is a wood slat sign "ten don soba" (tempura soba), in front of entrance is a wooden keg with two gold paper straps and a black tray with tiered red soba box and blue bowl, at entrance are sticks painted green simulating leeks, inside the room is a sign painted with red streaks, on proper left of store is a 3 panel wooden fence and a wood and wire willow tree with painted green paper, 3 hibachi in blue, green and brown at front left, black sandpaper covered base, H: 3.375", W: 5.75", D: 3". D: Wood model Oden stand (food boiled in hot seasoned broth), shed style wood roof with wood awning, 3 panel brown paper noren with black and white lettering "oden" with red and white decoration at ends, on proper left is an elongated red and black paper lantern with black and white lettering "oden", inside is wood steam vat with food inside and lid open behind, painted clay blue and white sake bottle and brown tea pot, small wood stand with painted clay sake bottle on shelf, front wood food bar has 2 painted clay plates and sake cup, sides of stand are made of half shoji screens with solid wood bottom, black sandpaper covered base, H: 2.875", W: 4.25", D: 2.375". E: Wood model of fish shop, black molded paper simulated tile shed roof with horizontal ridge pole, wood panel sides, wood awning extends at front, wood sign at top of awning "Shidashi catering" in black and white lettering with white and red decoration at either end, dark purple paper noren hangs from awning "Sakana" (fish) in white lettering, inside are slanted display table and bench with painted clay fish, inside back is a wood shelf with 2 painted clay plates in red/white and blue/white, next to the shelf is a door with blue painted paper hanging, short wooden divider on platform in back, painted wood water bucket with 2 silver bands in right front with a cutting board and fish knife, wood fences on either side of store with black on white paper "Sakana" on proper left, on proper right is the painted clay figure of the fisherman, black hair with blue dotted white towel headband, black features with red mouth, grey hanten jacket over black shirt and short white pants, brownish red and white belt, behind fence panel is a wood, wire and painted green paper tree, base is covered with black sand paper and glued sand accents, H: 3.75", W: 5.625", D: 2.875". F: Wood stand for basket, unfinished wood, rectangular with two broad legs nailed to bottom, H: .75", W: 2.175", D: 2.25". G: Bamboo woven fish storage basket with wider bottom and one handle at rim, black lettering on front "Koshiro" (maybe actor's name), serves as a toothpick holder, H: 1.75", Diam: 1.5". H: 5 toothpicks wrapped with small papers printed in red and black kanji, "sendu" comic haiku poem or romantic verses wrapped around toothpicks and placed in small envelopes (L: 3") (translation: I want to erase her face from my memory by drinking saki, but saki is poison. I want to be near you who has compassion and blood, gold and silver depends on one's arm (ability), means he wants to get married to her even if he isn't rich now but may be in the future. I am putting all my faith into my little finger until I meet you next time, refers to the old parting tradition of children hooking their little finger together as they parted, meaning he doesn't know whether he will see her again. Dandelion in the field, skylark in the sky, reflected image in the stream of two together. On a snowy night, I long for the person who wants to use my lap as a pillow.) Red and black on white envelopes representing Dan group of Kabuki actors playing "Midori bashi" (returning bridge). (See also 1996.10.212) I: Miniature Bonbori lantern made with dark brown lacquer wood frame with 3 legs on round base sprinkled with gold flecks, w-shaped wood frame at top serves as handle, and white cotton net for bulb-shaped lamp
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