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Miniature Theatre Frame - Artifacts

Image Miniature Theatre Frame
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Wood Theatre Case (Kamishibai) Portable Stage with performance clappers. A: Stained wood frame back section is a rectangular shape made of two frame sections open on one side so that story boards can be slid into the center. The front of the back section has decorative grooves around the edges a rounded rectangular inner frame. On top a brass handle is screwed into the wood. At the front three stained carved wood pieces are hinged to the back section. The top front section is carved into a cloud shape with an upper frame and is hinged in two places so that it can stand on top of the back frame when the show is in progress. The two front side pieces are hinged two either side of the back frame, Cut on top to match the upper frame piece. When open they extend to either side of the back frame. When closed they are fastened by brass hooks and handle that is screwed into front sections. On the back of the frame is a metal tag with white Kanji on black background "Educational Drama Limited (Kyoikugageki), Tokyoto chu (ward) Makicho, 1-7, Tel. 56-48246375" B & C: Pair of wooden clappers (hyoshigi) used to attract attention to the performance. H:1", L: 8.5", W: 1.25" .On one side of the sticks is a long groove, Clapper C has a shallower groove.
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