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Kit, Model - Artifacts

Doll parts, silk fabric, paper, straw hats for making traditional Japanese dolls A: Doll head, 2" x 2.25" x 1.625", white silk covered round bundle of straw in the shape of a head, cotton batting between straw and silk face, small bump for nose, silk tied on with white thread, painted black hair with bangs, painted black eyebrows, horizontal eyes, painted red and pink mouth, pink cheeks, neck formed with a heavy wire pushed into bottom of straw head and covered with cotton batting. B: Doll body, 7.5" x 2.25" x 1.25", white silk rectangular bag stuffed with straw, sewn closed at top C i, ii: Pair of Doll's feet, 2" long, white silk covered straw in the shape of long feet with toes demarcated by white thread stitching, painted pink under toes, paper soles (originally bought in clear cellophane). D i, ii: 2 pieces of metal wire, thicker one 4.125", thinner one 4.375" E: Hair piece, black fiber bundle of hair tied with white string, 5.5" long F: Hair ornament, flower shape with folded silk petals segmented in red, pink and turquoise with yellow center containing metallic colored bead, cardboard circle glued to back with an orange and a white silk cord hanging down, white wire extends from backing G i, ii: Pair of miniature geta, 1.75" x .875" x H: .375", carved wood with black lacquer tops, bottoms have two cross pieces, black lacquer on outside of cross pieces, red lacquer between cross pieces (no straps) H i, ii: 2 straw conical shaped hats, diam: 4.25", H: 2", on outside straw pieces extend up from rim and are woven together at point with ends hanging down loose over top, these straw pieces are stitched across with white cotton thread and fastened to the rim with white thread tied around a narrow piece of reed; inside horizontal strips of straw twist around 6 reed slats which extend from rim to point, silver foil paper shows through at inside point. I: Set of silk fabric samples folded in half and stapled to a 14.25" strip of cardboard, label on cardboard read Y 192, 5 samples: red background with off-white wave design and turquoise wave accents, shell-shaped medallions in purple, yellow, pink, green, purple and white with various flowers (chrysanthemum, iris, peony); red background with pink and white cloud formations and blue, purple, yellow, green and white floral designs (pine with snow, chrysanthemum); red background with scattered white cherry blossoms with yellow centers and orange leaves; graduated orange background with purple, yellow and blue wisteria with green leaves and fan shapes; graduated gray background with scattered floral designs (pine, plum blossoms, iris, peony, bamboo, maple leaves) and small boats and shi-shi lion dogs. J: Set of silk fabric samples folded in half and stapled to a 14.25" strip of cardboard, label on cardboard read Y 205, 3 samples: mauve background with yellow, turquoise, red and green stylized wisteria design; purple background with scattered wave and blue, yellow, red and green wisteria and pine motifs; graduated royal blue background with white cherry blossoms with yellow and red centers, green and red leaves, and multi-colored yarn winders. K i, ii: 2 Miniature silk kimonos, 7 x 7.5", large bamboo design on wide stripes of orange, apricot and black, black has faux white shibori spots, sewn by hand, long sleeves with light blue satin edging, tucks at shoulder, large tuck around middle section. L: Silk crepe piece, 17" x 12", strips sewn by hand and lined with red damask crepe and padded at what would be the bottom of a kimono, the creme colored crepe has large designs of blue, green, rust, grey and green flowers (plum, peony, pine) interspersed with cranes, a boat, basketry and brown waves and weeds, the lining has a woven-in design of peonies, chrysanthemums and clover, and is slightly longer than the top. M i,ii,iii: 3 pieces of green and gold brocade in floral and wave pattern, 9.5", 7.5", 1.75", to be used as an obi. N: White and orange piece of pleated silk chiffon to be used as an obi age, 31.5" O: Satin sash, grey on one side, red on the other, sewn at sides and ends, 14.5" x .75" P: Satin sash, blue, folded in half lengthwise and sewn, 16" x .75" Q: Red silk crepe band, folded in half lengthwise and sewn, 14.5", to be used as an obi jime. R: 6 pieces of silk in various sizes, red background with small multi colored floral motifs, stitched as a bundle S: 6 pieces of red silk crepe in various sizes, 1 piece of back fabric, 1 piece of white fabric, stitched as a bundle T: Paper kimono, folded and glued, heavy green crepe paper with white cherry blossom motif, haori style, small stick tied with pink silk cord inserted into neckline for hanging, 7" x 8.5". U i, ii: 2 pieces of rice paper dyed in splotches and yellow and green, 12.5" x 10" V i-v: 5 wooden sticks used to hold paper dolls to stand, square, tapered at one end and angled at the other, 8.25"
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