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Candy Bags - Artifacts

Image Candy Bags
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Two Longevity Bags used for collecting candy at 7 - 5 - 3 Festival (shi ichi go san ) A & B :Long flat paper white bag with printed designs on both sides. On one side folded origami holders on top of mizuhiki cords in red, green and yellow with a red Japanese character above "shuku (celebration)" red character "ju". Below this is a panel which features red and yellow rising sun, blue and white crane, green and yellow pine tree, red and yellow plum tree, under which stands the longevity couple. The woman has green and orange kimono with cherry blossom design , and holds a broom, the bearded man has red kimono, olive vest., green and yellow hakama. and holds rake over shoulder. They appear to be standing on a red table surrounded by green bamboo leaves. Beneath this are two tortoises on a rock next to blue and white waves. ( The crane, pine, tortoise all represent longevity.) On either side of the panels are shown folk toys: hobby horse, bell, drum, doll, a sea bream on wheels, a battle dore, shuttlecock. toy dog, pin wheel, balls, and a car. In blue, red, yellow, aqua blue. At the top of this side red, yellow , blue, white and green sticker with a crane and tortoise and red kanji holds a red and white paper cord. On the other side, panel has a white, red and blue Mount Fuji, green pine branches, and three children standing in the center. The boy on the left wears a red and blue suit and blue hat and green bow tie. Older girl in middle wears green kimono with pine designs and red obi with bamboo designs. Little girl wears red kimono with yellow cranes and yellow obi with tortoise shell design. She is holding longevity candy bag. Beneath them are red and yellow chrysanthemums also symbol of longevity. Around the outside of the panel are various Kokeshi figures. At the top is printed blue kanji. Bags A & B are identical. But A has banana palm leaves inside. Center panel "Senzai ame" (thousand year sweets), other kanji are trademarks.
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