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Wing Luke Museum
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Poster - Artifacts

Shiichi go san Poster. (7 - 5 - 3) Printed paper with a beige background showing three children. The older girl on the left wears red, white and yellow kimono with a crane design. A green obi with a red and white design, a red and white obi age, red and yellow okobo sandals, and holds a green, red white longevity candy bag. The boy in the center wears beige kimono a black haori with green checker design at bottom and green and black hakama and yellow geta. The little girl on the right wears a pink kimono with a green, yellow, white and red pine ,bamboo and plum design. She has a dark red obi with green, black, red and white ball designs and a red and white obi age. She is holding candy bag. Behind her is yellow Torii gate. At the bottom is green, red and black Kanji "7, 5, 3 Celebration, Wear Japanese style clothing, Co-op for Japanese style clothing and footwear"
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