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Wing Luke Museum
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Festival Decoration - Artifacts

Festival Ornaments Hanging from Branch Wood branch has four smaller branches onto which are tied twenty ornaments with orange string. The string passes grey beads, blue small cherry blossoms plastic shapes and larger, red plastic cherry blossom shapes. Hanging down are - red plastic fish with gold markings and a yellow fringe; A white paper ornament with black stripes, red circle and gold band at bottom; A gold painted hollow plastic figure in the form of a monk standing on two kegs; A red hollow plastic daruma with black features and a red plastic tag hanging below; A gold colored hollow plastic figure holding a fish; A yellow, red, green, and black paper covered package with black kanji on both sides "ju (happiness), kin hyakumanryo (gold in a million ryo [currency])". A white paper die with black dots and one large red dot. Interspersed in the ornaments are gold colored stamped metal disks representing money with kanji (fish shop advertising) . Probably used for Bon Odori or Shi ichi go san Festivals, good luck decoration for merchants.
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