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New Years Decoration - Artifacts

Image New Years Decoration
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Hanging New Years Decoration Decoration has bamboo and wire frame with gold foil card attached to the upper section above twisted straw decoration. The upper front has three plastic molded faces. The two small ones at the top are male the left one has a red hat the other a black and gold hat. In the center is a larger young woman's mask with two dots on forehead. Surrounding the gold card are green straw tufts with red, black and white printed paper tags (ohana style gambling card) with musical instruments, cranes, treasure ship and kanji "takabarabune (treasure ship), sankaku bunrai (thousand invited guests, million will come), akayoroshi (red is good), higashi nishi minami kita (east, west, south, north), kabukiza (theatre), kaminari mon (thunder gate), ginza (willow tree), Asakusa (temple at which decoration was bought). On either side of the center mask are yellow straw tassels and strands of blue, red and green plastic cherry blossoms, grey beads, and gold paper foil disks. These also hang form the bottom of the ornament. Along the sides hanging from the green straw tassels are red, black and white tags with the king of hearts, bouquet of flowers and a pagoda with black kanji. Inserted into the front are three paper tags; two on sticks and one with a beckoning cat.
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