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Wing Luke Museum
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Lantern - Artifacts

Collapsible lantern with hanger and lidded box. Cylindrical lantern with bamboo ring frame covered outside and inside with sections of rice paper sealed with persimmon juice. Front has two bold black Japanese characters in center. On each side are columns of off-white diamonds in a red background with red centers. On back are three black ink kanji. The top ring is made of wood slates forming concentric rings and painted with black lacquer. The bottom ring has a wood bottom painted with black lacquer. Black painted metal handle is painted to both sides of top ring and bottom has a painted black metal strip shaped into two legs. Another metal fastener on the bottom forms a loop. Inside center has a sharp metal prong. Metal chain is screwed into the bottom next to the prong. Inside the top ring is a metal loop. B: Hanger. H: 17", W: 3.625". Bamboo painted black. Main part curves a top and bottom to hold metal fittings of lamp. Back piece is attached with nails and has black metal tab extending down to act as a hook. A nail bent in shape of a hook protrudes through the top extension. C & D: Wooden Box with Lid.
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