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Wing Luke Museum
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Lamp Shade - Artifacts

Paper and Bamboo Lamp Shade Double bamboo frame work has two sets of spokes covered with yellow rice paper painted with white and purple flowers and green leaves. the upper bamboo slates are hinged into a serated knob which is split in half and lacquered red. the bottom framework with lighter weight bamboo spokes are joined to a wooden knob to which a metal ring with white cord and blue and white silk tassel are attached. A green and silk cord runs through a hole in the red knob and can be tightened with a blue bead. The lamp resembles a parasol can be folded into a cylinder and stored in card board box. or can be opened by pulling on both knobs. When open it resembles a flying saucer or two attached parasols. Box: oblong cardboard covered with white, silver and blue washi paper and has purple kanji on top.
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