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Wing Luke Museum
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Monkey Figurine - Artifacts

Image Monkey Figurine
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Monkey figurine on base Monkey stands on two legs with right arm curled aorund to waist and the left arm curled to top of head on which stands a bowl of fruit. The head is possibly a peanut which lies horizontally, painted brown head with flesh colored face, white and black eyes, black vertical nose and a smiling red mouth, painted brown wrinkles on forehead and red accents around eyes and cheeks, yellow painted ears. Glued to the top of the head is basket form painted yellow and brown inside red balls and blue knobbly extension down back representing fruit, two green paper leaves. The head turns on a stick neck inserted into a bean shape body possibly made of clay. The body is painted brown and white with a black belly button; painted orange vest with yellow floral motif and x - shaped fastening and black collar. Tail, arms and legs made of folded paper painted brown and nailed to a black lacquered rectangular base. On front of base is glued a white piece of paper with white kanji "Doll made in Kai Prefecture".
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