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Wand Ornament - Artifacts

Image Wand Ornament
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Wood Wand shaped ornament with a tie and bell A wood ornament has a keg shaped center with a triangular shaped projection on top which has a hole in it and a scalloped shaped projection glued to the bottom. Varnished. Through the hol in the top is tied a purple and white silk cord which ends in two tassels. A small metal bell is tied to the cord with blue thread. Stored in a small lidded cardboard box with a written explaination in kanji "Magic Wand of Izumo Shrine" , Haiku "With one shake of the wand out comes a million koku (wealth measured in rice)" "According to the legend Ookuni no Mikoto (deity) waves the wand to create the islands of Japan. It is believed that keeping the magic wand will bring good business, good marital relations, good economic activity. Keep it inside your wallet and your economic ties will be strong."
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