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Wing Luke Museum
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Okinasan in Box - Artifacts

Papier Mache Okinasan in Wood Box Doll is painted a red - orange to represent the swaddling clothes of Hachiman or Emperor Ojin as a baby. The doll is all red except for the face which is beige, and the black painted eyes, nostrels, and a thin line dividing the red lips. Grey painted eyebrows. Painted on either side of the face are plum blosoms in white, silver, yellow, and gold with grey - silver branches. Below these to either side are bamboo branches in yellow with green leaves with black lines. Right in the middle are two pine branches. The one on the top is outlined in white with a pea green middle with silver lines for branches and yellow stem endings. the rest of the stem is green. Below this is another pine branch with light blue outline and dark blue middle with silver lines and yellow stem ends and green stems. The bottom is not painted and there is a paper sticker with the manufacture's logo. B: Wooden box measuring: H: 4.5", W: 4", D: 3.875", is sanded pine put together with dowels. The front sides and bottom stick out .25" to accomodate the cover which slides down from the top in two small grooves on either side. On one side of the box is a sticker with red outline and Yen symbol with 12 written on it. C: The cover is a single flat piece of wood with the edges rounded off. A separate piece is attached to the top and overhangs the main piece. It is attached by dowels. Written in black ink on the front in script is - . There is a printed red seal to the left of the script.
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