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Wing Luke Museum
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Prints - Artifacts

Four Wood block Prints A: Small wood black print. H: 5.875" W: 4.75". Kubuki actor, with view of head and shoulders only, dressed as samurai with elaborate black and blue hair do, black robe has gold bands and blue peonies, underrobe is black with beige repeat motifs. Holding sword handle in right hand on a brown back ground. Note with print "a portrait of Matsuo a character in Kabuki play, carved and printed by famous artist Kuniyoshi in the later Takugawa (Tokugawa) era { I guess this was about a century ago.}" Print appears to have been cut from a larger one and has no signatures or seals. B: Wood Block Print. H: 15", W: 10". Figure of male actor dressed in blue kimono with brown and white birds and bamboo. Under robe is darker blue with white clouds and plants. He holds a pink fan in left hand and has a sword at left side. He is wearing a grey head dress with long upswept hair. Above him are two branchs of pink cherry blossoms. Yellow and white panels at upper left of black kanji, at the lower right are two seals and black kanji. Vertical row of holes on right side of print and a worm hole in upper right corner. the print is glued to a white rectangular piece of paper. A Tag in upper right corner written in English "Actor Sawamura Genosuke ? Role: Minamoto - no - Yoshisa (?), Kunisada." (Artist). Printed in black: 100 yen. C: Large Wood Block Print. H: 13.875", W: 9.125". Printed on beige colored rice paper, full figure a t center is a woman looking at a written letter in her hands. She is dressed in a green and white plaid design kimono. Her under kimono is paink with white cherry blossoms. Tied with a alarge black obi lined with pink. She has an elaborate hair do with pink, blue hair ornaments. As a back drop behind her is a large fan shape decorated with blue and white Hydranga, green leafs, and green and pink speckles. In upper right hand corner is grass style kanji. To the left are three characters and to the lower right hand side are two crests: one has three mountains witha a leaf below, Worm holes in upper right hand corner. The print is glued to a white rectangular paper and a tag in upper right hand corner is written in English: "Probably pair of a series called 'Combination of Beauties,' Kuniyasu (Artist)." Stamped with black ink 100 yen. D: Large Wood Block Print, H: 14.5", W: 10". Central figure is male actor playing woman. Wearing a indigo kimono with white kasuri well head design. Under robe showing at neck are pink with white dots, and white with blue swastika designs the elaborate obi is pink with yellow and blue floral design lined with green and blue. His hair has enourmous hair ornaments and he is holding pipe in left hand. Behind him are white curtains with blue chrysanthemum and cherry blossom medallions. On the left and right of the figure is black ink kanji and below this are two seals: the bottom is the publishers Seal: Kawa - Sho. Print has a few worm holes and is glued to a rectangular white paper. The tag in upper right hand corner is written in English: "Actor: Segawa Tamon, role: Koman, Kuniyoshi (Artist)." Stamped with black ink 100 Yen.
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