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Wing Luke Museum
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Calligraphy - Artifacts

Calligraphy panel on "shikishi" in round frame. A: Paper card stock has black ink kanji written with two large characters on right " Bumbuku", small characters on left "written by 37th priest Kanzan, 70 years old", red seals on upper left and lower right . Mildew spots appear on front. Written in english on back "37th Chief Priest of Morin-Ji, Isogai Kanzan. (written by)". Removed from frame. B: Paper backing consisits of two pieces of paper glued to round frame. The front is green with gold speckles. Acid has turned the edges yellow beyond where calligraphy was centered. the back paper is grey with splotches of white paper. C: Round glass for frame. D: Round wood frame, 15.5" diameter, with black lacquer on front and sides. Four metal tabs hold backing. Faded orange silk cord tied through two metal rings attached to top sides of frame. The cord if knotted and ends in two tassels.
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