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Wood Block Print - Artifacts

Wood Block Print Woman originally attached to paper backing A: Wood block print showing a woman readinga scroll. Her black hair is up and has numerous hair ornaments and a pink scarf. Light blue and grey kimono has a regular all-over pattern with white flowers in place of family crests and cranes on the bottom of the kimono and she has blue under kimono with white floral designs. At the neck and sleeves and front hem is a rose colored underrobe with a leaf design. she has two different obis. One with floral and cloud designs and the other with a floral and alternating bands of scroll patterns. She stands with head down holding a scroll in both hands. and her bare foot peaks out from kimono. At lower left is black ink kanji "Eisen's painting showing a woman from a floating world house" (place indistinguishable) and a black seal above a crest which resembles three mountains and a ivy leaf (publisher's crest of Tsuta-ya Kichizo, ca. 1800s-60s, see Images from the Floating World crest index). It is printed on hand made paper which has been repaired on the back with rice paper strips covering worm holes. The paper was originally attached with rice paper tabs to a long paper backing. Originally wrapped in yellowed paper with a paper tag attached to upper left " Yen 850 Jidaiya Shoten (period paper artifact), Tokyo". Underneath tag is written in pencil " Eisen pupil of Eizan 1787 - 1865." Only tag has been retained.
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