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Wood Block Print - Artifacts

Wood block print pasted to paper backing of calligraphy. Prints of Kabuki actors in e-maki format. Wood block prints made up of nine scenes of Kabuki actors on paper which has been glued at intervals. From left to right: First scene shows a man with long hair pulled back dresses in black kimono holding a sword in right hand and sheath in left. He holds a folded paper between teeth (Yamanochi Iganotsuke played by Ichikawa Sadanji). Behind him stands bearded man with bald head with yelow robes of monk and has prayer beads in hand; writing on blue background "Otani Monzo" (actor); writing on yellow "Jorakuin (character), Toyo Hara Kuni?" (artist). The next scene shows man in light blue kimono with an overrobe of white and rose color with floral design. He holds a dish in right hand and has prayer beads on left wrist; writing "Toyo Hara Kuni?, carved by Hidekatsu", writing on yellow "Tokugawa Ten Ichbo" (character), "Ogami Kikugoro" (actor) . Next scene shows two men with samurai haircuts, one with a blue kimono and black haori (Fujisakio played by Ichikawa Kodanji) and the other with a purple kimono with brown haori (Akagawa Daizen played by Nakamura Chutaro or Nakataro). They both hold swords. The next scene shows ronin wearing black kimono, blue obi and holding sword handle (Yamauchi Iganosuke played by Ichikawa Sakokuji). Next scene shows man with long hair wearing a colorful haori and has his fingers intertwined in front of him (Tenichibo played by Ogata Kikutaro). Next scene has a samurai in brown haori holding sword in left hand with another in belt and right hand extended in front (Akagawa Daizen played by Nakaguni Iube?". Next scene has lower class man dressed in plaid robe brandishing sword above head (played by Adachi Motoemon) . Next one has man with long tied hair (ronin?) wearing a dark and light blue kimono and has arms crossed in front (played by Hayase Iori). Last scene has man with brown kimono with family crests in right hand (played by Toma Sanichitamon). The first six scenes show floral drapery and hangings with clouds and lotus petals. The last three scenes have green painted background representing forest. Artist: Kunichika (last of three artists who specialized in representing actors). Kanji shows the artist's name "Kokushu". The third scene has a worm hole. Wood block prints appear to have been pasted to pieces of rice paper which originally had black ink calligraphy written on them (memos)
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