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Print - Artifacts

Shichi go san festival print and frame A: Watercolor print showing three girls dressed in traditional kimono. The five year old has a green kimono with red blue and pink designs, a red obi, red and black okobo sandals. Her short hair if tied with bows on either side of her face. She is holding a longevity bag in hand.It has a crane and tortoise painted on it with black kanji "Chitose-ame" thousand year hard candy. the three year old in the center is wearing a red hoari with pink blosssoms over a pink kimono with green bamboo designs. She is wearing orange black and green okobo. She has short hair with a bow on top and holds a longevity bag in front of her with both hands. The seven year old on the right is wearing a blue kimono with various fan designs. She has a butterfly obi and striped okobo. She has two pink bows in her hair on either side. She holds two longevity bags in front of her. The three girls stand on a sidewalk next to a concrete column. A blue bird flies above them and a beige pigeon stands on the ground next to them. There is black kanji on the right (Hitoshi seal) and the left of the print (published by Katojunji). On the back written in English "Hitoshi" artist's name. B: Paper board mat which has a beveled inner edge and a pebbley surface. The acid is yellowing the edges. C: Glass for the frame. D: The Frame, 16.5 " X 21", wood with bamboo veneer front. The back has small metal braces and metal tabs which hold the print in. A picture wire is tied to two screw eyes on the back of the frame. E: Thin plywood backing.
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