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Wing Luke Museum
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Print - Artifacts

Wood Block Print depicting Moon Viewing Features two women at the entrance of a room with shoji sliding doors partially open. The women kneeling in front wears a blue kimono with a cherry blossom design, and the woman behind her, also kneeling, partially hidden by the door. Her obi has grey black, blue and rust colored squares with a mon in the middle of each square. Behind the two women is a tatami room showing the mats, dark blue sky with tree silhouette, a floor lamp and walls with painted leaf design. On the right hand side of the print at the top and bottom is kanji: "Kunisada (artist); 1852; Yamamoto-ya Heikichi, Eikyuto (publisher's seal). The print was surrounded by a inner light blue mat and an outer cream colored mat. It has a black painted wooden frame with the inner edge painted gold and non glare glass covers the print. The print was removed from the frame and matting due to acid migration.
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