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Painting - Artifacts

Print enhanced with painting matted and framed A: Painting of a rice winnowing scene. Appears to be black printed with outline showing in black. Painted details may have been added later. The scene is of a rice field with green paths, grey hills, with a grove of trees. In the distance there are two straw roofs behind the hill, At the back rice stalks are hung to dry on wooden frames. In the middle ground a figure on the left is carrying sheaves of rice to two fiqures standing beside a alarge pile of stalks. They are involved in sepaprating the stalks from the seeds. Using a machine with a roller and a long white cloth extendign to the ground. In the fore ground two figures are dressed in traditional rural clothing and conical hats. One figure holds a winnowing basket on the left shoulder the other turns the crank which operates a fan to blow the chaf from the seed heads. To the right a small child carries a baby on its back. It has a jacket which wraps around both. There are mats holding processed rice on the ground in front of them and two white roosters stand nearby. In the lower right hand corner in romanji "B. Ohno", and black kanji and red seal: "Mugiya", on left side red seal "printed by Kyoto Woodblock Printer's Institute (Kyoto Hanga-in), "carved by Matsuda, coloring by Suri Ichi Mura" . The print is on white paper and is attached to a white paper folder with a section cut out. B: Black lacquered frame. With metal tabs on the back to hold the mats in place. A picture wire is attached to two screw eyes on the back. C: Matting, cream color with a beveled inner edge turning yellow. D: Unfinished wood backing E: Rectangular piece of glass for frame.
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