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Wing Luke Museum
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Painting - Artifacts

Wood black print enhanced with painting A: Print with back ground and outlying brown and black with color painted in. The middle shows a rice paddy with two people cutting the rice stalks with scythes and another person carrying sheaves of rice. A scarecrow and a small house shaped object on a stand in the back of the field. In the foreground on a brown back ground a baby lies in a basket on a mat on which stands a lunch box and a tray with a tea pot and three cups. A black umbrella is stuck into the ground shading the baby. On the opposite side of a stream flowing through the middle of thhe field is a bamboo forest and a bare tree to the left which hangs over the top of two red torii gates. At lower left is the artist's signature in romanji "B. Ohno", black kanji and red seals - "Mugiya", on left side red seal "printed by Kyoto Woodblock Printer's Institute (Kyoto Hanga-in), "carved by Matsuda, coloring by Suri Uchi De" . The print is made on white paper that is glued to a white paper folder with a section cut out. B: Black lacquered frame. With metal tabs on the back to hold the mats in place. A picture wire is attached to two screw eyes on the back. C: Matting, cream color with a beveled inner edge turning yellow. D: Unfinished wood backing E: Rectangular piece of glass for frame.
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