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Wing Luke Museum
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Print - Artifacts

Wood Block Print with mat and frame A; Seven color print of rice paddies surrounded by green and brown fields. Ten figures dressed in blue are planting rice. Another figure dressed in a yellow straw rain cape and hat is holding a plow behind a black ox. In the foreground a man dressed in a white shirt and black pants is using a hoe. In front of the figures in a flooded paddy where green rice shoots are growing, there are two white cranes in the water. Another crane flies over the planters. At the lower left is brown wood cart with trays holding seedlings and four wooden buckets. On the right front is a weeping willow tree. Red seals are stamped on top and to the right of it. "Mugiya", on left side red seal "printed by Kyoto Woodblock Printer's Institute" (Kyoto Hanga-in), "carved by Matsuda", "Coloring by Suri Uchi De" Print is glued along one edge to white paper that is torn from the original matting. B: Black lacquered frame. With metal tabs on the back to hold the mats in place. A picture wire is attached to two screw eyes on the back. C: Matting, cream color with a beveled inner edge turning yellow. D: Unfinished wood backing E: Rectangular piece of glass for frame.
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