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Wing Luke Museum
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Painting - Artifacts

Wood Block Enhanced with Painting in matting and frame Six color print showing three people dressed in traditional farmer clothing walking through rice paddies guiding a tool in front of them. (Possibly weeding). A black ox stands behind them on the left and the background trees in front of blue hills and yellow fields with black roofed houses. In the background is the sea with white sails representing fishing boats. On the left is a brown thatched roof and a stone wall with three wooden buckets and a hoe in front of it. Two swallows fly over the fields. At lower left are two red seals "Mugiya" in beige paint and white kanji. At lower right is 3 red seals. "Hanmoto Publisher, Kyoto" "carved by Matsuda", printed by Kyoto Woodblock Printer's Institute" (Kyoto Hanga-in), "Coloring by Ichimura" The print is attached to a white folder with a hole cut in it. B: Black lacquered frame. With metal tabs on the back to hold the mats in place. A picture wire is attached to two screw eyes on the back. C: Matting, cream color with a beveled inner edge turning yellow. D: Unfinished wood backing E: Rectangular piece of glass for frame.
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