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Wing Luke Museum
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Film Strips - Artifacts

Four Film Strips and containers A i: Film Strip "Bumbuku Chagama" by Sony Auto Slide Production. A ii & A iii: White plastic ontainer and screw lid. H: 1.625", Dia: 1.75". Lid has red and white label "ASP" with kanji. A iv: White paper booklet with hand written script in Japanese. A v: Stapled note pad with purple Japan Airlines Logo, hand written script in English in pencil. A vi: Beige colored pamphlet folded in four, written in Japanese with figures showing dance steps. Hand written in the front in English "Folk Dance for Bumbuku Chagama Story" Donor's original number 371. B: Film strip in cardboard container. B i: Color paintings of Bumbuku Chagama story, EIKO Slide. B ii & iii: Cardboard container with lid. Covered with red paper with yellow label on side and kanji. Donor's original number 372. C: Film strip in container with pamphlet. C i: Film strip is colored paintings of Bumbuku Chagama story. C ii & iii: Yellow plastic container with screw - on lid. Has red white and blue label on top. Written in Kanji. C iv: Pamphlet written in Japanese cover is white, red, pink and black. Number K 184 in lower left corner. D: Film strip in plastic container with English script. D i: Film Strip with color photographs of rural Japan showing children in school, entilted " Yamahiko Gakko" "Echos From a Mountain School." Planned and produced by the Cultural Association of Farming, Logging and Fishing Villages. Tokyo, Gakugei - sha. D ii & iii: Grey plastic container with screw on lid with red and white label on top. "Gakugei" and kanji. D iv: Hand written pages in English describing the frames of the film. D v: Newspaper clipping with the title "Books", "Echos from a Mountain School" English translation of Selected parts of Japanese School Compositions about their lives in the poverty stricken mountains. Donor's original number 375.
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