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Slide Sets - Artifacts

Eight Sets of Ten Color Slides in Yellow Cardboard Boxes "Selection of Color Slides" Published by SK Slide Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. Short synopsis and general list of slides: A; Number 39, A Wedding in Japan: Tomioka Shrine and clothing of the bride; Reporting of the wedding; Exorcising; Report of the Shinto Ritual; Exchange of Nuptial cups; Exchange of Sake cups among relatives; Memorial Photography. B: Number 46, Japanese Annual Functions Vol. 1: Mochi Making; Playing Battledore; Playing Japanese Cards; Ladder top Stunts of Dezomeshiki; Modern Fire Brigade Motor Ladder; Sumo Wrestlers in the Ring; Snow festival Kamakura at Yokote; First Horse Day of the Luner Calendar; Bean Throwing Rite; Dharma dolls Fair. C: Number 47, Japanese Annual Functions, Vol. 2:Dolls Festival; Visiting Graves in the Equinoctial week; Cherry Blossom Viewing; Boy's Festival; One Thousand Warriors Procession in Nikko; Aoi Festival in Kyoto; Three Shrines Festival in Asakusa Tokyo; Noma - Oi Festival in Soma; Festival of the Star Vega in Sendai ( Tanabata Festival ); Fire Works At Ryogoku Tokyo. D: Number 91, Japanese Home Life: Taking Breakfast; Leave for Office and School; Sweeping the Room; At Needle Work; Grandma Praying to Buddha; Meeting a visitor; Entertaining a Guest; Playing (Shogi) Chess; Taking care of Dwarf Trees; "Good night Mama. E: Number 72, Glimpse of Japan: Imperial Palace, Tokyo; Yomei - Mon Nikko; Kegin Falls Nikko; Mt. Fuji and Cherry Blossoms; Mt Fuji and Pine Trees; Kasuga Shrine, Nara; Daibatsu at Todai - ji, Nara; Kinkaku - ji Temple, Kyoto; Geisha Girl, Miko in Kyoto; Night View of the Osaka Castle. F: Number 36, New Tokyo, Vol. 1: Imperial Palace, Fountain Tower; Hibiya Center; National Diet Building; Meiji Shrine; Ginza Street; Sukiyabashi Crossing; Kabukiza Theatre; Kokusai Theatre Dancers; Tokyo Tower. G: Number 44, New Tokyo, Vol. 2: Haneda Airport; former Akasaka Detached Palace; Yasukuni Shrine; From the Elevated Road; A New Elevated Road; Shinsukiyabashi Square; Kaminarimon Gate at Asakusa; Chinzanso Garden; Azuma - Odori Dance; Night Scene of the New Ginza. H: Number 82, Night in Tokyo: Night view of - Fountain Tower; Ginza; Sukibayashi; Elevated Road; Hibiya; Rokku Amusement Center; Ausakusa; Orion Show at Matsubaya (2); Misty Night
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