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Record - Artifacts

Record with paper envelope and printed verse A: Record of Keio University school song on both sides, one side "On Top of the Hill", the other side "Young Blood"; blue and white with red band, by Keio Wagnell Society, solo by Takayama Itsuo. Sung at sporting events. B: Envelope of brown kraft paper with dark brown printing "Victor" in English inside V shape, lower right hand corner Victor trademark, in Japanese "Victor Record Company", "Warning: you cannot exchange or return this record" C: Paper with picture of university at upper left, in Japanese "Young Blood. Those who are burning with the blood of youth, filled with sunshine, look up at our star of hope, look at us trying to go forward, dreaming of victory, there isn't any cloud to stop our will to win in this hot day. Keio, Keio, the king of the land, Keio. on the other side is a picture of a flag , in Japanese "On top of the hill the sky is blue, birds sing on top of a ginko tree, in our beautiful garden, lets pick the flower of knowledge together. When you open the window we can see the ocean, cheerfully the wind sings and crosses the ocean, lets blow our horns into the sky for our clear ideal. The bell of a new era is ringing, the heart of youth is dancing, let's proudly sing loudly for our young life"
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