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Records - Artifacts

3 small records in paper jackets A: (i) Record, 45 rpm, Victor, extended play, EV4015, Koto Music, one side "Haru no Umi" (Spring Sea), flute by Yoshida Masao, koto by Miyagi Michio; other side "Midare" (beautiful disarray), koto by Miyagi Michio. (ii) Paper jacket encased in plastic, blue background with abstract broad and narrow stripes with different shells, upper right corner shows Victor trademark in black and white, in middle "Kyoto Music, Michio Miyagi", back has explanation of musical pieces in Japanese and English. B: (i) Record, 45 rpm King Record with blue label, red plastic center, one side has 2 folk songs "Izu Bandaisan", "Sado Okesa", sung by Mihashi Michinari, shamisen by Toyoshizu and Toyosumi and King Orchestra, other side has 2 folk songs "Tanko-bushi", "Kiso-bushi" sung by Mihashi Michinari. (ii) Paper card jacket, front has blue background with stone wall gate and lantern and under full moon woman is dancing Sado kesa, part of Bon Odori, on the back has a verse of each song in Japanese: Tanko-bushi (miner's song) "Moon is out, yoi, yoi, moon appears above Miike mine, because the chimney is so high I assume moon must be getting the smoke. Shack shines in the moonlight, it is a rough life but we experience our hardship together if we are going to live together because we like each other, we dream of gold and see the flower bloom. Are you a parrot or are you a mynah bird, when you look at it it is pretty and a good talker, you say things to make you happy, you boil and broil but it is nothing you can eat. If you want to have diamonds, come to this mining mountain, in the peak of manhood dig out black diamonds with all his energy. Try to do something you decided on, you bet your life, to give up is also betting your life. I am a red Suzushi (flower) of the mountain, I burn and blossom and then I burn and scatter petals." C: (i) Record, 45 rpm, red label, gold writing "Columbia Extended Play", made by Nippon Columbia Company, Kawasaki, Japan, WAAA-5020, one side has 2 folk songs "Harusame" (spring rain) and "Umenimoharu" (spring to the plum tree), other side has 2 folk songs "Kappore" (drinking song?) and "Yakkosan" (low class man in front of procession). (ii) Paper jacket is torn, front has olive colored background with geisha girl standing in front of shoji screen holding a shamisen in one hand, in romanji in red "Japanese Folk Songs", in black "Harusame, Umenimoharu, Kappore, Yakkosan", on the back has verses of Harusame, Umenimoharu in Japanese and Romanji.
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