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Wing Luke Museum
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Record Sets - Artifacts

2 sets of 2 records with jackets A: (i) Record, small, label with white background with green band "King Record" in white, showing toy soldier in olive green and lime green cape with a crown on his head playing a drum, "Doyo" children's song "Teru teru boozu" (shine on), on other side "Tonosama Dochu" (Daimyo in procession). (ii) Record, small, similar label with trademark of King Record (Lion in square), children's song "Dan dan batake" (terraced field), on other side "Semi Tori" (catching cicada insect) (iii) Paper album jacket, Collection #21, front has 2 boys sumo wrestling with girl as umpire and rabbit and badger as spectators, back shows sister holding a young brother's hand as dog follows, green with white and beige, box to write owner's name B: (i) Record, small, same label as A, "Tanuki no Tsunawatari" (badger performing on high wire), other side "Roba no Panya-san" (bakery shop run by donkey) (ii) Record, small, same label as A, "Bunbuku Chagama", other side "Kakubei shishi" (lion dancer) (iii) Paper insert shows Bunbuku Chagama doing high wire act with umbrella in hand, verse of all the songs from the album in Japanese, shows a diagram of doing the dance (iv) Album jacket same as A, except Collection #27 and has blue index label
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