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Wing Luke Museum
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Kimono - Artifacts

Formal Kimono Black synthetic crepe with short sleeves squarish corners design near hem is machine embroidered with gold cranes flying over silver waves. there are five white mon on the front back and sleeves. (Butterfly Design). There is an upper lining of white synthetic fabric and lower lining of black synthetic crepe fabric. There is a lossely attached white synthetic inner collar and lower lining. The lower hem of the kimono and the lining has a protective ribbon basted over the edges. There is also basting stitches left in the sleeves. There are two sets of snap fasteners at the back collar. Originally in paper wrapper with instruction pamphlet: How to store the costume. Thank you very much for patronizing our store (Daimaru Dept. Store, 4th floor, Tokyo branch) and for your order. This paper box is for mailing purposes only to keep it from getting soiled. If the kimono is left in the box it will get mouldy spots. 1) On a sunny day let it hang in the shade to air it, 2) Wrap in paper provided with mothballs and a dessicant, 3) Pleasure consult a professional when it is dirty, spotted or mouldy. Pay special attention to kimono with free-hand dye or natural dyes, be careful about sending it to the dry cleaner; 4) If the motif has gold or silver dust or a mon please put paper to protect it. Be careful not to steam iron the mon or it be ruined. Label on wrapper shows customer's name as Matsunaga, salesperson is Iwasaki.
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