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Wing Luke Museum
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Tabi Socks - Artifacts

Pair of White Tabi Socks White cotton socks with separate toe are lined with white cotton. Fuzzy inner sole and stiffened white heavy cotton outer sole. Open at the back with three metal tabs which hook into white cord loops on the other side. Envelope explains how to wear tabi "in case it is difficult to put your foot into new tabi, turn upper half inside out and put on" and how to clean them "turn inside out, dissolve soap in hot water, soak tabi with lid on pot and let steam, press on washing board and squeeze out water, but do not twist, scrub soles with brush, for colored tabi used lukewarm water and rinse without using laundry board (see donor file). Made by Fukusuke Tabi Co. High-grade tabi (red label)
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