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Wing Luke Museum
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Toy Boat - Artifacts

Toy Whaling Boat on Wheels Kujira Bune Carved wooden boat is long and narrow with a shallow indentation in the top painted red. Top of the sides are black three sticks projecting through holes in the side of the boat, (Broken). The sides and the back are white with red and green floral motifs, blue diagonal bands, and a black and white dashed line. The bottom sides are black with a pattern in white and black and a yellow flower with green leaves. The prow extends from the front and is green with a red stripe and the tip is painted black with a white band. At the back top is a yellow painted piece of wood which is nailed on. the four wheels are made of wooden disks painted yellow with red flowers which are held on with a bamboo axle which fits into grooves on the bottom of the boat. On the bottom written in English: "Muroto Shikoku Kujira Bune 'Whale Boat' "
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