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Wing Luke Museum
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Toy Drum - Artifacts

Toy Drum Toy is made of three drum sections on a stick.The bottom drum is round, flat shaped sides covered with red paper and a gold paper strip runs down the middle on each side. The sides are covered red, blue, yellow, purple and green silk cloth featuring various flowers. Two brass bells hang down on cotton strings on either side of the drum. When the drum is twirled back and forth the bells hit the drum. The middle drum is a Tsuzumi style drum with a cylindrical middle and two disk shaped ends. The middle is covered with gold paper and two red stripes. The ends are covered with yellow paper with red and green kokeshi doll designs. The ends are tied on with a yellow silk cord which crosses the middle section. Between the middle and the top drum is a red cross bar wrapped with gold paper strips orange and white tassels hang from each side. The round flat drum on top, smaller than bottom drum, has a red paper middle and the ends are covered with the same patterned silk fabric. The stick which forms the handle is covered in red paper and decorated with a broken gold paper strip.
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