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Toy Cow - Artifacts

Image Toy Cow
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Paper mache toy cow with bobbing head Aka - beko style cow made of two sections: Paper mache body has four legs and has an opening at the front. Painted red on top with faded white and gold floral gold design, bands of gold and blue below, two rectangular paper mache boxes are attached on both sides and are painted yellow and have black kanji on both sides "Kinjurio" (carrying money in box). Black markings on all legs. paper mache head is attached by a string through a front opening in the body. Painted black mane, black eyes outlined in red, yellow muzzle with red nostrels and mouth, Ears are attached on both sides, red in front, right ear is broken. Horns are made of two twigs sticking out of the top of the head. Labels on the bottom of the cow say : Takashimaya, # 79, 126, black kanji "Tokyo, Takashimaya store"
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