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Wing Luke Museum
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Bird Whistle - Artifacts

Toy Bird Whistle Whistle Consists of carved wooden bird sitting on a bamboo tube which has another tube extending out the back. The bird has lower beak which has been carved separately and inserted into upper beak so that it moves when whistle is blown. Bird is painted red on top and sides, a black outline for wings and yellow and black dot for eyes. The beak and lower body are unpainted. the bamboo tube is painted red on either end and has a flat top where the bird sits, a hole in the center, and a thinner bamboo tube extending at an angle from the back. The accompanying instruction sheet is printed with red diagrams of boy blowing whistle and close up of the bird. the instructions are in red kanji "As you blow the beak moves and sings, automatic nightengale whistle, newest innovation, educational toy. As diagram indicates put you thumb in front and index finger in back to hold whistle and by using your tongue as you blow you can whistle to to totato, and without tongue it sounds ho ho hokako. Shizuoka Wadami 1283 Hashizume Shigeru Shoten (shop) Toy Department". The whistle was originally stored in small cardboard box with a stamped label in Kanji underneath plum blossoms.
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