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Battledore - Artifacts

Image Battledore
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Three Battledores - Hagoita with painted decorations A: Carved wooden paddle flat on both sides wider at the top, Shaped narrower going down to handle at the bottom. One side has painted scene of girl gressed in kimono. Her black painted hair has decoration of fuschia, yellow, red, orange, white, and gold. She is wearing fuschia kimono with floral design of white colored pinks, orange under collar, yellow and black obi, red and yellow obi - age. She is holding fan with white crane with gold and blue background, an orange and green fan lies in front of her. The back drop is an orange and fuschia sky with gold clouds, green trees, and blue river. On the other side is painted a pink rose and bud with green leaves. The wood has been dented by the shuttlecock. Written in back in pencil "Hagoita Battledore Shuttlecock Girls New Year's. " B: Wood carved paddle W: 4.625", L: 15.375", carved same as A: Painted scene is of girl dressed in kimono her hair is black and short with red bow. She has orange kimono with kight orange plum blossoms, yellow undercollar, red and purple obi, yellow obi -jime. She is holding a bouquet of flowers in white paper in left hand, Flowers are yellow. The backdrop is blue sky, green hills with brown spots and a blue river. The paint is chipping where it has been damaged by shuttlecock. the reverse has beenpainted with pink rose and green leaves. shuttlecock dents on back as well. C: Carved wooden paddle L: 15.875", W: 4.5", D: .375" Same shape as A & B. Painted front is of little girl with head cocked to one side, she has black hair with a yellow, blue, red, green and pink ornament with gold details.She has a red kimono, a pink under collar, and is holding a doll with a green and gold dress and hat. Background is yellow. On the handle written in pencil "Hagoita." On the other side is painted green bamboo leaves.
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