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Battledore - Artifacts

Image Battledore
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Large Battledore - Hagoita and Two Shuttlecocks A: Carved wood paddle wide at the top and narrower to handle at the bottom, Figure of woman is made of card padded and covered with silk fabric and glued in sections. Face is white silk with painted features, black silk thread hair, with elaborate hair dress with pink bow in back, gold foil paper, gold and orange brocade decorations in the front, two silver foil decorations with red fiber flowers on either side of the face. Silver metallic strips hang down from wires beneath these ornaments the head dress is tied under her chin with white silk cord ending in two tassels. Obi is orange and gold brocade with blue and white floral design collars in gold and whitre brocade and pink crepe. Green, blue, orange and gold obi. the white silk hands are painted with features. The left holds a bar made of red padded silk wraped with silver foil. The right hand holds three orange braids which extend from the figure and are attached to a purse ? made of padded cloth painted red and gold with blue and white wave design. The figure projects from the back held by wooden dowling and is nailed by the bottom . The background is made of card covered with pink and white shibori tie dyed silk. the handle is covered with green and gold brocade. On the other side is painting of green bamboo with blue leaves and gold flakes and an orange sun. B & C: Two shuttlecocks with three long feathers inserted into black painted seed. B: Has red dyed feathers. C: Has Yellow dyed feathers.
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