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Ball, Decorative; Temari - Artifacts

Image Ball, Decorative; Temari
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Decorative Ball - Temari with Box with Written Description. A: Hard, light ball is wrapped with fine white synthetic fiber and has thick cotton embroidery thread wrapped in a design of leaf shapes which cross on two sides of the ball. Leaf shapes are yellow, green and rose with grey thread extending over the top of the shapes. Brown cotton thread is around the middle of the ball and grey thread is wrapped over it in diamond shapes. B: Cardboard Box bottom covered with washi paper with beige Buddhist knot design and blue dots. Number 5 on one side and on the bottom written in ink "Goten Ball" which is an incorrect reading from another box C: Cardboard lid for box covered in same paper with white label on top and black kanji: "Hime (Princess) Temari" Blue rice paper description with black printing in English - "Diamond Ball, Ehime Prefecture, Japan."
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