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Wing Luke Museum
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Wood Blocks and Prints - Artifacts

Two Sets of Wood Blocks, Three Sets of Wood Block Prints used for cards. A: Block Print Christmas Card 5.5" X 3.5", white paper card created from four wood blocks and shows two kokeshi dolls who are yellow with black hair and dressed in red and green clothing. Above their heads in blue "Merry Xmas" below are the initials "GLS." Yellow border. B - E: Set of Four wood blocks used to make Christmas card A. 5.5" X 3.5" X .5" B: Wood Block rectangle chisel marks in background and two outlines of kokeshi dolls and a border stand out in relief to the background. Yellow paint on the doll figure and border, on the side of the black is carved # 1 and a Japanese character. C: Wood black rectangle with chisel marks in background, raised border details of clothing and other rectangles stand in relief to the background, white paper is adhered to some of the rectangles and green paint is visible on the clothes and border. Green image of two doll heads on one of the white papers. D: Rectangular wood back with chisel mark background doll details carved in relief, these have red paint on them other raised areas including the green border are covered with paper. E: Rectangular wood block chisel mark background final block in series and has the words Merry Xmas, hair and features of the dolls and two sets of initial, GLS and AMS in relief. The upper lettering has red paint ,middle is black and the initials have blue paint on them. Border is raised and has white paper with green paint on it. F - N: Set of wood blocks and cards representing the various stages of printing. F: Card Number 1, 5.75" X 3.875". Made of white hand made paper with yellow print of upper part of horse. G: Card Number 2, Yellow print plus green saddle. H: Card Number 3, Yellow horse, green saddle, red print of saddle details and wheels. I: Card Number 4, final Print adding black outline. J: Fully printed card with yellow horse on red wheels representing a folk toy. K: Rectangular wood Block 6" X 4" X.5", raised portion of black is they body of a horse with yellow paint, chisel marks around the horse put it in relief. Some paper is on outside edges of the black. In pencil -"1" and a Japapnese Character in upper corner. On the back in black "Kono" L: Rectangular wood block raised portion is saddle and wheel axels and has green paint on top. wood is chiseled out around details and the rest of the black is covered with white paper and yellow imprint of the horse can be seen on the left. the number 2 and Japanese character on upper right. On the back is: "Kono" and a label : "Matsuzaka" M: Rectangular wood black raised portion is bottom of saddle and the wheels with red paint on top. Chisel marks around the outside put the decoration in relief. White paper with yellow border stuck to block and Number 3 on block and Japanese character and on back "Kono" N: Rectangular wood Block of horse on wheels and black paint covers raised portion, number 4 and Japanese character in upper corner, on other side is complete carved outline of horse covered in yellow paint. Probably used as original guide for carving each block. O - U: Set of wood block Prints showing the stages of printing 5.5" X 3.625". White cards O: Card 1, Light blue background pattern P: Card 2, Dark blue added to background. Q: CArd 3, Mauve added to background pattern. R: Card 4, Ochre colored trees and people with animals. S: Card 5, Black outline of trees, people and animals printed on brown paper. T & U: Identical cards with final print of people and animals traversing road behind trees. On the back of the cards printed with wood blocks is "Merry Xmas" in red with a green border and the initials GLS in blue in lower right hand corner.
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