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Wing Luke Museum
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Calligraphy Books - Artifacts

Two Calligraphy Books Cursive Style Writing A: Paper bound booklet, covers are greenish grey, printed with black ink: "No. 1 Cherry and Snow Book" in Japanese on cover, interior pages yellowing, black ink hiragana and mayoo-gana (old poems) with notations in red ink, Characters have brown border on each page. The book opens from the left and the last page has red seal at the bottom. The pages are bound in traditional style (tsutsuri) with grey thread tied through four holes on right hand side. Published by "Matsubayshi-do" B: Accordian style book opening from the left has front and back cover made of kiri (palownia) wood. The back cover is split. Pages are made from white paper glued together in continuous piece with ends glued to two wooden covers and the middle section pleated to create individual pages. The front side of the pages is black with white characters in grass style calligraphy in hiragana and kanji mayoo-gana old poem; it gives the effect of stone rubbings, the back of the pages are white and there are worm holes extending through the whole of the book.
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