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Book - Artifacts

Three volumes of hard cover books bound on the right, "Nippon Gangu Shu: Oshburi" "A Collection of Japanese Toys" By Arisaka Yotaro, Tokyo: Kyodo Gangu Fukyu - kyi. A: "Kodai Hen" (The Old Times Volume), 1926. H: 9.875", W: 7.5", D: .625" Western style binding opens from left, Front cover has grey, blue and red illustration of a couple showing audience various folk toys under an umbrella, kanji at top and left side. On the back is illustration of blue, red and white rabbit folk toy. Red and blue kanji on either side. Written in Japanese with color wood block illustrations and photos of folk toys. B: "Tokoku Hen" (Northeast Volume), 1926. H: 7.25", W: 11", D: .625" Japanese style binding with two sets of purple cords tied to album style cover. White and grey cover has brown and black illustrations of folk toys. At the top. White inscriptions at the bottom. A red label on the front cover hasthe title in black kanji. Inside covers have pink, yellow,red and blue decorative stripes. Label on inside front cover written in Japanese with "Isshindo". Light green title page written in English, "Arisaka's Oshaburi: A Collection of Japanese Toys, (I). Beneath is illustration of folk toy fish on wheels. Next two pages fold out and have black calligraphy. Some pages are written in Japanese and English. One wood block print of kokeshi doll and black and white photos. C: "Tokyo Hen" (Tokyo Volume), 1927. H: 10", W: 7.5", D: .75" Bound in western style on the right opens on the left. Front cover has illustration of bullfinch carved folk toy in black, red, blue and gold, black kanji on either side, black triangles on either corner. Back cover has print of white fox in blue and red clothing. Written in Japanese with some colored wood block prints, black and white photos and illustrations of folk toys. Pages are doubled over into the binding.
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