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Book Set - Artifacts

Paper back set of ten volumes, bound on the left Japanese style, Front and back flyleafs have colored wood block prints of folk toys; a dog, badger, rabbit, tameri ball, battledore, and tea utensils. Grey and white illustrations and one fold out color print in the middle of each book, "Hokuseido's Japanese Fairy Tale Series", Tokyo: Hokusado Press. A: Beige color cover with silver flecks, orange label on front "A Japanese Fairy Tale: Momotaro: The Story of Peach Boy and Hokuseido." B: Blue cover with white fibers and silver flecks. White label on front cover " A Japanese Fairy Tale: The Jewel Spring: Tama - no - I, Hokuseido" C: Orange cover with silver flecks. Wwhite label on front. "A Japanese Fairy Tale: The Crab's Revenge: Saru - Kani Kassin, Hokuseido." D: Pink cover with white fibers, white label with silver flecks, " A Japanese Fairy Tale: the Mirror of Matsuyama, Hokuseido." E: Light grey cover with tan fibersBlue label with silver flecks, "A Japanese fairy Tale: The Gobblin Mountain: Oye - Yama, Hokuseido. F: Green cover with silver flecks and tan fibers. White label with silver flecks. "A Japanese Fairy Tale: The Tongue - Cut Sparrow: Shita - kiri Suzume, Hokuseido." G: Blue - grey cover with silver flecks, beige label, "A Japanese Fairy Tale: Tawara Toda Hidesato: Hidesato of the Rice Bale, Hokuseido. H: White cover with fibers, blue label with silver flecks, "A Japanese Fairy Tale: Do Nothing Taro: Monogusa Taro, Hokuseido. I: Grey Cover with white fibers, pink and blue flecks, white label with silver flecks, "A Japanese Fairy Tale: The Tea - Kettle of Good Luck: Bun-buku Chagama, Hokuseido." J: Grey Blue cover with fibers, orange label, "A Japanese Fairy Tale: The Old Man with the Wind: Kobu - Tori, Hokuseido.
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