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Book - Artifacts

Hard cover book in English "Little Peachling and other Tales of Old Japan" Retold By Georgene Faulkner, Illustrated by Frederick K. Richardson. New York: The Wise - Parsalow Co. Orange colored cover has red illustration of baby boy inside a peach on front cover. Title and author in blue. Flyleaf shows color print of young man holding flag with a peach with arm outstreached towards a flying phesasnt, monkey and dog. In front of Mt. Fuji. On either side is printed "The Golden Hour Rainbow Edition" Color prints illustrate the stories. Stories: Little Peachling, Momotaro; Two Frogs; Wonderful Teakettle: Bumbuku Chagama; Mirror of Matsuyama, (Matsuyama Kagami); Prince of the Reed Plains; Chin - Chin Kobakama; Boastful Bamboo Tree; Schippeitaro; Toungue Cut Sparrow, (Shitakiri - Suzume); Wonderful Waterfall; the Stone Cutter.
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