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Book - Artifacts

Hardbound accordian style book written in Japanese "Beauty of Family", (Katei No Bi) by Ichikawa Hidekata. Tokyo: Katsukeio. Front and back covers are covered with grey and black fabric with floral design, a white label is glued to the front with title in black kanji. Interior pages are glued to continuous paper with brown flecks and is folded accordian style and attached to front and back covers. Multi - colored panels on one side: Scene 1: shows people in dark robes carrying halberds and one is mounted on a white horse. Scene 2: Five women in kimono, serving a man in traditional clothing with trays of food between them . Scene 3: five kimono clad women outside, viewing maple trees in Autumn.Scene 4:, Four women writting poetry. Scene 5: People kneeling outside near a display of mochi viewing the moon. Scene 6: Two figures crossing halberds while two others look on. Other side of book: Scene1: Woman bringing food on tray to two seated women. Scene 2: Four women watching dancing and games under the cherry blossoms. Scene 3: Four women setting up a Girls Day display. Scene 4: Women seated watching a man in front of the room. Scene 5: Women outside watchind a procession with large mochi float. Scene 6: Young woman making offering to woman on platform while others look on. Notations in black kanji are written at top and sides of each scene.
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