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Wing Luke Museum
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Book - Artifacts

Hard cover book bound at left with two purple silk cords "Buddha's Crystal and Other Fairy Stories," By Ozaki Yei. Tokyo: Printed by Kyobunkwan, Published by Kelly and Walsh. Faded front cover shows a round crystal ball emanating rays and sitting on a purple and black rock. Inside th eball is figure riding elephant, below are clouds and waves. Three Japapnese charcters at lower left. title and author printed in red. 123 pp. Black and white illustratons. Inside the flyleaf is colored black print of mermaid in the ocean being chased by dragon and other sea creatures. On the title page written in ink "Mary Lowman, Christmas 1908 - Yokohama" Stories: Buddha's Crystal; Issunboshi; the Kettle of Good Fortune; the Mouse Bride; the Chrysanthemum Crest; The Fallen Comet; The Demon Tile;
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