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Wing Luke Museum
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Notecards - Artifacts

Set of 10 notecards with colored block printed motifs on front, with plain envelopes, in a card stock folded cover A: 11.375" x 4.875" Folded cover, creme with reddish orange cherry blossom motifs, label in black sumi "Japanese Toy Cards" in English. B: Card folded in half with motif of paper doll, red robe with white cherry blossoms, blue undergarment, hanayome bridal hairdo. On back printed in English "Paper doll which Japanese girl used to play". C: Card with motif of pair of Japanese classical dolls seated, egg shaped, micho-no-kubina couple, one in blue and one in red. On back printed in English "Pair of Japanese classical dolls put on display on Girl's festival day, March 3". D: Card with motif of horse painted on ema temple board, brown horse with gold and red floral motif scarf around stomach. On back printed in English "Horse painted on board to be offered to God with prayers". E: Card with motif of black shi shi mask with red mouth and pair of green frog figures with beige stomachs. On back printed in English "Wooden lion and earthen frogs. Charms of good luck." F: Card with motif of quail on two wheels, yellow with red and black dots, black eyes, beige face. On back printed in English "Wooden quail is a charm for children's health". G: Card with motif of Chinese pheasant and an whistle in the shape of an owl. On back printed in English "Toy of pheasant (wooden), owl (earthen) often found in Kyushu district". H: Card with motif of paper mache Tenjin figure in a sitting position on two platforms, black hat, scabbard, blue garment with white floral design holding a hyaku; at right is a paper mache fox mask. On back printed in English "Doll of Tenjin, the God who rules children's education; and a paper made of an animal". I: Card with motif of two head bobbing paper mache animals: yellow and black tiger with red necklace, black ox carrying two beige straw bags. On back printed in English "Moulding of tiger and an ox. Both made of Japanese paper which are found all through the country". J: Card with motif of miniature portable shrine with gold roof, red ridge, black and white, orange triangular base on top of two slats. On back printed in English "A model of a portable shrine on which a God comes during the summer festival".
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