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Wing Luke Museum
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Note Cards - Artifacts

A variety of note cards A: White card folded on half has image of apprentice geisha next to stone lantern. The figure shows her back and is made of silk fabric applied to cardboard, black hair, red kimono with yellow orange and black collar and hem. Long orange obi with yellow and white motifs. The lantern painted on card in grey and blue paint has been sprayed on lower left of card. 4.125" X 3" B & C: White cards folded in half have image of Noren curtain. Bamboo pole painted on card is green with black accents. the curtain cut out of yellow paper with two vertical slits and applied to the card. B has red curtain with gold painted ties, cherry blossoms, blue bamboo leaves, and three white characters. C has green curtain with gold painted ties, maple leaves, white water, and two blue characters. Each is 4.125" X 3". D: White card folded in half has image of hanging scroll situated to left. It has pale blue rectangular cotton glued to card and on top a white paper painted with grey cliffs, gold and black building and black foliage. A black hanger and lower rod. It is 4.125" X 3". E - G: wood block printed notecards resembling torn paper collages is 3.375" X 4.5", On white folded cards also printed on back, folded white paper glued to inside with stamped brown image of a doll. On the back in English in grey: "Japan" colors are grey, orange, blue, yellow, mauve, and green. E: Image of three kokeshi dolls on either side of large candle with flame, candle is decorated with flowers. On the back is white silhouette of kokeshi doll on mustard background. F: Image of thatched roof building which extends to back of card, surrounded by pine branches, bamboo leaves and plum blossoms. G: Scene of five women around table drinking tea. On back is a white snow man with blue whiskers and shovel. H: Note card of yellow note paper folded in quarters. Painted on front is one large daruma in red with white face and two smaller darumas on purple and one red hanging from green bamboo branch. Red seal in lower right hand corner. Remains of blue on inside and on the back. 3.5" X 5". I - K: Cards on white paper folded in quarters. Images hand painted on front and a red seal on lower right hand corner. Each is 5" X 3.5". I: Image of little girl with white face in purple scarf with green plaid added. Blue pants with white nail head design, yellow straw snow boots and carrying basket with red fruit and vegetables. J: Image of a round bell painted red with yellow flowers, from the clapped hangs white paper tag with fuschia and purple design. To the left in green "Wind Bell". K: Image of a round bell painted blue with peach flowers, from the clapped hangs white paper tag with red and yellow design. To the left in red "Wind Bell". L - N: White cards folded in half with painted image of tumbler dolls on left front. 3" X 4.125". L: Pink tumbler doll with blue bottom, white face, black eyes and bangs, red mouth, resembling baby. M: Daruma painted orange with gold outline, yellow face, black fears and red mouth. N: San Kaku Daruma, with pointed head, red top outlined in gold, black bottom, pink face with black features, red mouth and black character written on pointed head. Each card has envelope.
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