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New Year's Cards - Artifacts

New Year's Cards and Summer Greeting Cards Sent Semi-Annually A: Wood Block print of young girl in red, blue and fuschia kimono bouncing temari ball beside pine tree, two kites fly above her head. Red seal at lower left. Back of card in English "Postcard", and kanji. New Year's sent to young child. B: New Years Card printed with pale background and gold edging, shows chado tea utensils including grey kettle and tea bowl with gold accents. Yellow bamboo water scoop and tea whisk. Red tea caddy with gold accents. Black kanji in grass style in upper right. On back is green kanji. C - H: New Year's Cards for Year of Ram C: Black and white card showing two rams with pine branches and plum blossoms branches to the right, black kanji at the top. Grey kanji on the back with illustration of bird in circle and number 3. D: Same series as C has black and white showing ram with horns standing between pine branches and a moon above. Black kanji in right upper corner. On back is grey kanji with bird in circle with number 1. E: Pale green and grey images of two sheep fence and hills on white card with pink sky. On the back is mauve kanji with illustrations of bambo and battledore respresenting New Year's.. F: Illustration with silver outline on white card of lamb with three shuttlecocks in shape of chidori birds, pine needles and plum blossoms. On the back is green square with globe "Syobido" and kanji. G & H: Illustration of a lamb with black kanji in grass style above red seal below. G: Plum blossom branch above and H has snow covered pine branch below. On the back is green square with globe "Syobido" and kanji. I - L: New Year's cards for Year of the Horse. I: White card with black and white reproduction of two horses, one eating decoration, plum tree behind. Black kanji in grass style in upper right. On the back in grey "Post Card, Place Stamp Here", and kanji. J: Card with yellow background illustration of prancing white horse with green accents. In front of a white sillouette of a bell. Black kanji and a red seal. On the back grey kanji. K: Reproduction of print of black horse prancing above green bamboo leaves underneath plum blossom branches. Black kanji in upper left corner. Blue kanji on the back. L: Illustration of horse folk toy on wheels, purple saddle blanket with flowers, black kanji in grass style in upper right. On the back is blue kanji. M & N: Summer time Greeting Cards M: White card with dark blue band on right side with white kanji running vertically down the band. Blue kanji on the back. N: Wood Block print with blue background of two girls in white yukata with red, yellow and green motifs. Stand on red geta holding a tassel between them. Red stamp in lower left corner. On the back in red "Postcard, Mikumo Mokuhansha Kyoto"
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