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Wing Luke Museum
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Money Envelopes - Artifacts

Small envelopes used for giving money to children at New Year's. A - D: 4.875" X 1.875", A: Design on left half is blue plum blossoms scattered on light blue geometric branches with white background, red band on right side has white "Noshi" symbol. B: Grey band on left side with white wave pattern and green and tan pine tree, red "Noshi"symbol on right side on white background. C: Bands of grey, white and brown background with yellow tied strips of abalone or Noshi on right side. D: White triangle at left, dark blue at right with white pine needles scattered behind two white bars outlined in light blue. Red decorative symbol in upper right hand corner. E - H: 4" X 2.25" Four white envelopes with illustrations of gosho dolls. in red, yellow, black and blue, and purple. E: Standing gosho doll with hobby horse and triangular hat. Black kanji in grass style above. F: Seated doll holding fan in right hand wearing eboshi hat G: Dancing doll with folding fan in left hand rattle in right, wearing stripped hat. H: Seated doll with blue pate, holding mask between his feet. I - K: Wood Block Print Envelopes.4.125" X 2.375". I: Background white on left, purple on right. Image of a drum from end and side. Purple Noshi symbol at right. J: Background ahs green , brown and black vertical bands, black kanji in center, orange and white noshi in right black band. K: Green background with white sillouette of deer and other symbols. L - P: 4.25" X 2.375", White envelopes printed with paper cut out designs. Black kanji attop with noshi symbol ot right, Below each image "SAKA" L: Brown dog pulling at blue costume of lion dancer wearing red mask. M: Figure of girl wearing black and white hood walking on green stilts with blue boots on top ends. Dog running ahead of her, houses in background and blue snow falling. N: Two people inside blue cavelike structure, one in yellow and red kimono the other silloueted in blue. O: Woman with dark face and red kimono at fire pit. P: Girl wearing purple and white kimono, red okobo, chasing a blue shuttle cock with yellow battledore. Red plum blossoms in right corner. Q - W: 4" X 2.25", Q: Blue and white vertical bands, white pine needle and tortoise shell design on blue band, red, white and silver origami crane with cherry blossom design, red noshi symbol in upper right corner. R: White envelope wit hwhite band, three kokeshi in red, yellow and green block printed, red noshi symbol on upper right corner. S: Red envelope covered with white dots representing plum blossoms on front and back. T: Envelope with graduated red band at top on front and back. Green noshi symbol in upper right hand corner. U: White envelope with blue water motif and white plum blossom and branches on top of blue background. White Noshi symbol with red frame in upper right corner. V: White envelope with sillouted gourd on green background decorated with white plum blossoms, red shape on right echos gourd and represnts noshi symbol. Two red seals on the gourd. W: White rectangle with green, blue and rust bands behind. Grey plum blossoms on a branch in middle of rectangle. Rust noshi symbol. X: 4.125" X 2.375", White envelope with red background stylized red symbol, black noshi symbol. Y & Z: 6.5" X 2.875", Red and black line drawings of kabuki characters in lower right corner. AA: 7.375" X 2.625", yellowed envelope with wood block prints of red and green lantern with black roof mounted on post. Blue wisteria and green leaves hang above and below the lantern. On the back is red seal. AB - AD: 7.25 X 2.875" White envelopes with wood block prints of folk toys near bototm of envelope. AB: Seated figure in black, green and red with purple headband on a green platform beneath yellow object. AC: One large and four small tumbler toys. in red, yellow, green, blue and white. AD: Gosho doll holding a red temari ball next to a smaller dog toy decorated with blue and red. AE - AF: 7.5" X 2.875", White envelopes with wood block prints kanji and artist symbol at lower left. AE: Brown lines on white background of thatched roof houses, trees, pagoda and clouds. AF: Grey lines of thatched roof buildings seawall blue water, and green willows overhead. AG: 8.25" X 3.25". White envelope with grey round seal. AH - AK: 6" X 3.75" AH: white envelope with red frame at top and right side, pink, red and yellow plum blossoms on grey branch at top. Pink, red and yellow folded decoration at upper right. Green and tan pine branches, and yellow, green and tan plant at lower right. Black kanji in the middle. AI: White envelope with lightening shaped background in center, white pine needle medallion on tan background at upper left, blue and red folded decoration at upper right, two red horizontal bands in the middle. Green and black pine branches at lower left. Green origami crane on purple background on lower right, black kanji in center. AJ: White envelope with background in three sctions upper is white and rust folded decoration on a yellow, plaid background, lower section ahs white, black and grey crane with red forehead on a purple background, black kanji in center. AK: White envelope with blue band on top, pink, white and yellow plum blossom tied with green pine needle at the right. Waves of blue and yellow at center and bottom on a white page which is curled up to reveal red paper with white and black stripes, black kanji in center. AL: 6.125" X 4", White envelope with red, green and blue bands at top and left side. White plum blossoms, blue, yellow and green bamboo leaves at right, Blue yellow and gold folded decoration in upper corner, black kanji in middle.
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